Monday, December 15, 2014

Simple Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is only ten days out so you'd better be shopping by now.  We do stockings at my house and it's so much fun. Here are few stocking stuffer ideas.....

Smartwool Socks
These are the warmest socks, without bulk, period.  Riders love them, outdoor enthusiasts will love them and cold people will love them.  They wear out after a year or so, but so what. They are warm.  See them here.

Cute Jewelry
Who doesn't love jewelry?  We all do! So what about a cute inexpensive bauble from  See it here.

You never have too many of these.  Here are some cute ones for the holidays:

Pot Holders
These are too cute.  See them here.

Lilly Monogrammed Cups
For the Lilly lover in your life... See them here.

Cocktail Napkins
What hostess doesn't love these?  Caspari is my favorite!  See them here.

Happy Monday!

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