Monday, February 23, 2015

Bunnies on the Brain

I love Easter, bunnies, Herend, and jelly beans, but not in that order.  The Herend bunny in needlepoint is just so adorable and as someone who has loved rabbits and started collecting Herend while in college, you'll likely understand my enthusiasm for these little creatures.

Wish I had time to stitch one in every color!


  1. I love these pieces! Where can the canvases be found? I have the standing Herrend bunny and would love to stitch a pillow of him. Thank you for such a wonderful post! Jane Keller

    1. I think any needlepoint store would be able to order these for you and you likely can find them online too. is a good place to start. Happy stitching. I have the green and red one on order!

  2. Hi everyone -

    I am the designer of these and many other Herend-inspired canvases. Check out my horses (!) here:!the-fishnet-collection/c6nw

    You can buy them at any needlepoint shop.

    Thanks for your interest! Kate Dickerson

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