Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Think Spring?

Will spring ever get here? Our two feet of snow that arrived on Saturday has not melted and we have snow banks everywhere, with small narrow foot-wide walking paths abound.  Even the mailman put a note in the mailbox, asking for the snow to be removed closer to the box.  LOL.  Really. The snow has turned into bricks, two feet high.

My friend Molly leaves on Friday for a cruise, lucky her.  So I am trying to "think spring."

How nice would it be to be able to wear a pair of Jack Rogers sandals right now?

I love the turquoise ones:

Or a Lilly shift?

I'd settle for some green grass, or maybe just grass......

That's Lola in the photo.  She's still at "camp" and is coming home late March.  The others are coming home as soon as the snow melts......the power of positive thinking!

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