Friday, February 20, 2015

Held Hostage By Winter?

Winter is in full force here in Virginia this week where it's currently a balmy -9 degrees outside (F).  Thank goodness the horses are boarded out this winter due to my arm surgery so while I miss them and miss taking care of them, I do not miss going to the barn and doing chores in sub-zero temperatures, keeping water buckets from freezing and picking out feet full of balled up snow and ice. In fact, the only time I have gone outside this week is to get the mail.

While I am luckier than the cows and the other outdoor animals to have a toasty abode this week, I don't like being held hostage by winter.  So what do you do when you can't do anything else......

1) Shop
I'm an Internet shopper for sure, due to my hectic work schedule, living in a rural area, an hour from decent shopping, and my love to see what's out there and what everyone else is commenting on.  I read reviews on blogs about clothes, runways, looks, and deals.  So what have I been loving this week?

This blue and white striped shirt from J Crew.  See it here.


This Lacoste shirt from J Crew, in bright orange.

See it here.

This Lilly top. See it here.

2) Armchair Decorating (also see Shop, #1 Above)
I am working on my living room still, searching for possible window treatment options. Not making much progress this week.  Loving this from One Kings Lane.  See it here.

3) Plan Menus
Trying desperately to improve my eating habits and eat healthy, no junk food, lots of green salads, which I love, soups, pasta, not much meat and zero sugar.  So this weekend we are having soup, salad, and of course pasta, all from this cookbook.

4) Needlepoint
Winter is the only time of the year that I am able to needlepoint due to work, horses, and farm.  I am finishing up a stand up Santa (I will share when it is finished) but my next project is a bunny. I've ordered the Christmas one and am waiting for its arrival but I adore the way the blue one is finished and the blue one may have to be stitched for my living room at some point in the future. 

5) Read
I've not read much lately but am reading this book right now. 

6) Wait for Downton

I missed it last week, so I get to enjoy two hours this week.  Yes, I am addicted.

Sending warm thoughts. TGIF!


  1. Hope your arm is healing up well. Love your needlepoint projects!!!
    - Linda, ny

    1. The horses come home March 1st (weather permitting).

  2. I love the needlepoint rabbit pillows! They look like my Herrend bunny. Needlepoint is a passion of mine as well! Jane Keller


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