Friday, February 27, 2015

Needlepoint Herend Horses

If you liked the Bunnies on the Brain post a few days ago then you'll like this one too.  I was reminded, by the lady who handpaints these wonderful needlepoint canvases, that she creates horses too.  (And I am not being compensated in any way to promote her wares, just for the record). I just happen to love her work.

 I am considering stitching this one for my newly decorated living room (much more to come on that later).  This would be a great pillow for the sofa or a chair, or on a stool.

 You can stitch these in many colors and I love the way this one finished. And I do not know who did this, I found it on Pinterest.

 This black one is to die for and I'd finish it in a background color that is wild like a hot pink, deep emerald green, bright blue, yellow, even something metallic.
 See how good this one looks...

You can see all of the horses here and any needlepoint store can order them for you...Stitch away until spring arrives, if it ever does......TGIF


  1. I love your latest posts. I can't wait to return to DC to resupply my needlepoint supplies. They are quite hard to find in Japan and I've missed being able to have canvases to work. I plan to stitch a Herrend bunny to match the one I own.
    Jane Keller.

  2. Oh my word! My grandmama collects the green Herend and wouldn't it be amazing to find someone to stitch one of her pieces onto a pillow for her? Thank you for the wonderful Mother's Day idea!


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