Monday, April 11, 2016

American Pharoah, the Book, Coming Soon!

For all of the horse racing lovers out there I have the skinny on a new book coming out at the end of the month.  You don't have to be a horse racing nut to love this book but it will help if you know something about horse racing lineage, read Storm Cat, Native Dancer, and others.  The author is a New York Times award-winning sportswriter and it shows.

The book is very well written and the author knows horse racing (again, he gets a little technical sometimes but if you know anything about this sport it makes the book that much better).  The writer digs deep into the owner's horse history, bankruptcy, etc. which is in fact interesting, at least I thought so. 

I can't wait for volume two in about ten to fifteen years when his colts will be prancing around the race tracks of the world, winning stakes races over and over again.  My only negative comment is that I wish there were photos but maybe in the update?  Again, have we not seen the grand pictures of this bay colt crossing the finish lines a zillion times already? I'm sure there will be many books coming out about this great horse but I think this one will be hard to beat. The writer has real pedigree, like the horse, and it shows.

Put this book on your "must read" list as you gather your tote bag for beach reads, a commute read, or read it to put yourself to sleep at night, taking it all in because it isn't likely we'll another horse of this stature for another 25 years or so. 

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