Friday, April 15, 2016

Marysia Swimwear

I don't get to the beach or pool often in summer but am hoping this year to go out to a state park near my farm that has this incredible "beach" on a lake. It's been there since the 1930's and on those super hot Saturdays this year guess where I'll be?

Every four or five years I take the plunge and buy a new bathing suit. It gets harder and harder to find something with coverage that also fits and looks good and this year I am loving the suits by Marysia. She is a former ballet dancer and surfer and she's clearly filling a void for sophisticated suits that we can all wear that cover and don't look dated in two years.  They are expensive but if you use it for a few years it works.

She's all the rage and her suits can be found in many stores on the web and beyond.  Here are some that I am loving (I don't do bikinis anymore):

Others are starting to copy her signature scalloped trim like J Crew and Kate Spade.  But she has great style. 

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