Wednesday, April 27, 2016

And They're Off.....

The Derby is ten days away, always anxiously awaited in my household.  But there is so much going on right now if you love the four-legged, at least where I live and beyond.

1) Foxfield Races
If you live anywhere near Charlottesville, VA or attended UVa, you've likely been to Foxfield.  Drunken co-eds, Lilly dresses, tailgating, and of course, the horses, steeplechase that is will been in full array just outside of Charlottesville this weekend.  Hoping the weather holds out, especially for those wearing Lilly.

2) Maryland Hunt Cup
I've blogged about this magnificent race before and if you have not seen it in person, please make your way to Maryland and go north of Baltimore in the Maryland Hunt Country.  It is a spectacle.  This race attracts real horse people, those who truly come to see the horses race over America's premiere timber course.  The last one standing will win.  See my earlier blog post here.

3) Rolex ****
Three day eventing fans know all about Rolex, the nirvana of the sport in America.  The best in the world attend and only the very best finish.  It's a trek to Lexington, KY to watch this, but well worth the effort if you love this sport.

4) Lexington Spring Premiere Horse Show and Grand Prix
I'll be venturing out locally to one of the top AA horse shows in Virginia.Some of the best hunters stop by on their way north from Wellington. There's a small Grand Prix on Saturday night that's always fun to watch and is often won by local riders.  It starts today and runs through Sunday.  There's a second show next week which runs through the same schedule.  Grand Prix is Saturday at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA.  It's all free for spectators.

Did I miss anything?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the Maryland Hunt Cup. I just did two posts about it. One on the traditions, etc. and one on our day out. We were with a friend whose father won the race three times in the 1940's and he uses the trophy for our flower arrangement!


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