Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hats Off

I'm not a hat person really but I have learned to love hats if only for their utilitarian purpose.  But you can be sensible and stylish at the same time.  A sensible hat should serve its purpose - to keep the sun off your face and hold your hair in place at the same time.  Style is a bonus. This one from Tuckernuck is especially cute and it comes in two colors, navy or cream bow.  See it here.

This straw hat from Madewell is also very cute.  See it here.
This Eric Javits hat from Saks Fifth Avenue is very stylish. See it here.

This hat from Nordstrom Rack is stylish and sensibly priced.  See it here.

And I love this big floppy hat from One Kings Lane.  See it here.

This one has some darker tones to it. Love it too!  See it here

Enjoy a sunny day!  And wear a hat.

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