Monday, November 6, 2017

A Horse Country Chic Wedding Registry - Part One

One of my readers recently asked me to put together a "wedding registry" - what I would pick if I was tying the knot.  I realize that today many young brides don't care much about china, silver, entertaining at home, but if I was tying the knot today, I'd have a really difficult time picking stuff out - there's so much to choose from today.  But when I was in L.V. Harkness last month (in Kentucky) I thought about this very subject.  So here's what I would pick out, for casual entertaining, hence, Part One.

I'd almost have to pick out at least white or off-white plates to mix and match things a bit.  And if your tastes change or your change your decor, you'll still have a good foundation from which to build. Juliska's Berry and Thread is one of my favorite casual patterns but I'd probably buy the dinner plates. I don't care much for the shape of the cups and saucers, maybe mugs if they make them.  

I'd want a collection of various salad plates to add to the white plates, depending on the season, the occasion, the venue so I could mix and match... I do this now and I have these orange plates below, also from Juliska (no longer available sadly).  I use these now, in the fall, at Thanksgiving and just when I feel like I want orange on the table.  They also make a lovely blue and white pattern which is very versatile.

I also would want some horse plates.....these are from Ginori. 

I'd add some whimsical plates, like bunnies at Easter or Spring, animals, etc.  Anthro is a great source for these too and are fairly reasonable in price. Pottery Barn is another good source for these.

I'd definitely pick out a very good stainless pattern which will last a lifetime if you get a good quality one.  Don't scrimp here or you will regret it and buy something plain and simple, classic enough that it will go with everything.  

Here is a pattern that I really like.

This is another one that I really like:


I'd also invest in some good linens for every day use.  Sferra linen napkins in various colors and their place mats are very nice too. You can't own too many linens. 

 There would be some Garnier Thiebaut linens in my registry as well:

These are very nice too.  I have a set of these in blue and white and love them.  

I'd mix in some fun stuff too like the napkins, runners and place mats from Pomogranate.  These would make perfect shower gifts for a young bride.

These rattan chargers are also great to own.  A set of 12 of these would be a great thing to have for casual entertaining.

I'd add some good quality cookware to your registry too.  All-Clad cookware lasts a lifetime as does Le Creuset.

Another great addition is a set of high quality kitchen knives.  My set gets used every day!

Wine glasses, bar glasses, every day glasses are another item that I'd add to a registry. You can't have too many of these either.....

I also love this china pattern but I am a "green" person and this would go with stuff that I have now.  This pattern adds a little spice but is not so expensive.


  1. I agree with everything you have on this list, especially the quality stainless utensils and cookware. My Dansk flatware is now 27 years old and going strong. Question for you: exactly which Wusthof knife set is pictured here? I can't find one that looks like it, and I really like the shape of those handles. Thank you!

  2. Try Williams-Sonoma! I agree. Quality lasts. I still have towels that I took to college - Fieldcrest Royal Velvet. They have held up better than anything I have bought in the past 10+ years and I won't tell you how old they are.


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