Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Brooks and Ralph

There is something to be said about timeless, classic clothes that are well-made and not so trendy that you can wear for years.  No one does this better than Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.  In our world of instant gratification, instant fashion, poorly made clothing, terrible fabrics, these two brands have stuck with what they do best and it shows.  I love Ralph but I think you need to be tall to pull off his clothes so that often does not work for me.  But I also love Brooks Brothers and I often forget to shop there.  But this season there are some wonderful clothes and they have even better sales.  How about this navy blue dress?  Classic.  Dress it up with great mules or pumps.  Dress it down with flats.  Add a brooch or statement earrings and a bag. 

And this dress will be stunning for the holidays.  And it's 75% off.  See it here.

This is a great dress for cocktails, for a special dinner or even a winter wedding.  I would add a great pair of gold statement earrings and you've got a great outfit that you can wear for years.  Can you see Betty Draper from Mad Men wearing this?  I can.

I adore this double-faced wool sheath. Divine!  You can do some many things with this dress. Add a scarf, a brooch, wear it with pumps or booties. I wish it came in more colors.  

Another double-faced wool dress. Heavy fabric, will last a lifetime.  Love this one too!

While I could not pull this style off, this is a really cute holiday dress for under $200.

And this dress has my name on it for sure. Love this one!

And I love these flats, on sale for less than $100.  See them here.

And a wool plaid bomber jacket, for under $100, fully lined?  Yes, it does exist. See it here.

And this wool and cashmere coat is also greatly reduced.  See it here.

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