Friday, November 10, 2017

Monogrammed Towels

It's the tiny touches in a room that helps finish it off. Monogrammed towels are part of the polish in a bathroom.  One person on my Christmas list this season is getting a set so I've been looking at my options and they are vast. You can spend a tidy fortune if you choose.  Or you can find a more reasonable option as they do exist.

My favorites are from Leontine Linens but the cost will set you back a pretty penny. Is it worth it?  I am not sure as towels don't last forever.  If you are going to put them in a bath and not use them them maybe you can justify the considerable expense. I am on the fence here.  But they are so lovely!

Bella Lino is another good source.  Not as expensive as Leontine but not inexpensive.

Horchow is another option if you are on a budget and they are having a great sale through today if you need to do some immediate shopping.  Their designs and monograms are not in the same league as Leontine but the costs are much less.

Happy Friday!!!!!

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