Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Linen Lament

I am peeved at the quality of linens today.  Have you tried buying a nice set of sheets lately?  It is almost impossible.  The Fieldcrest sheets that I purchased at Target last year (not cheap either - the most expensive sheets they sold at the time) feel like paper.  I use them because it's all I can find without spending $300-400 on a set of sheets.  Have our standards dipped to rock bottom in this category?  It seems so.

Towels are a bit easier.  You can buy towels that look nice but may not hold up but at least they are good for the eyes.

At the reasonable end of the spectrum, these hand towels from an Etsy shop are very affordable.



I am partial to these monogrammed Matouk towels. While expensive, these should last a long time. Not all towels are created equal and you tend to get what you paid for in terms of quality and thickness.  I really dislike velour towels. They may look nice but they don't do their job which is to dry you off after a bath.

These sheets from Matouk are on my watch list, meaning I am hoping they will go on sale.  At the end of the day, you get your money's worth if you figure out how much you use these.

(Pine Cone Hill)

I've also had my eye on these sheets by Serena & Lily (now 20% off) but am unsure, again, of the quality.

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  1. Two words on your linen problem: Home Goods... You can get quality sheets at a greatly reduced price. I found some which are so soft they feel like silk... Towels, also...


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