Thursday, November 16, 2017

Equestrian Christmas Cards - The Real Kind

Please keep this tradition alive and don't let it die a slow ugly death......send out real Christmas cards through the post office this season.  I received an e-card the other day and I was so offended that someone could not take the time to write a hand-written thank you note but chose instead to click on a few sites and viola it was done.  It is the thought that counts and how many keep their cards year after year and look back on them with fond memories?  Here are come cute cards, all with an equestrian theme for the holidays.

Snail mail is not dead!


  1. Wonderful selection of cards! And I am with you on the snail mail...

    1. I hate "email" thank you notes. So impersonal and I hate eCards and eInvites even more!


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