Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Best Memories From 2018

2018 has been a good year.  Lots of new activities, adventures, travel, and just enjoying life on the farm. Here are some of my favorites things from 2018.  Sometimes it's the simple things that make life so good.....

1) Monomoy Girl
I loved watching this adorable chestnut mare with loads of talent beat almost every horse she encountered in 2018.  She has won everything there is to win for a filly at three and I can't wait to see if she improves as a four-year-old.  We watched her win her first G1 race at Keeneland in April.  She then went on to win the Kentucky Oaks (the Derby for fillies) and the Breeders' Cup Distaff.  She was second only once this year (due to disqualification) so it's safe to say she was unbeatable.  Will she run with the colts in 2019?  I can't wait to see her run again.  You go girl!

2) Madison Girl
My own little mare exceeded all expectations this year. Our first full year showing, and at three feet, we ventured out into the big leagues this season a few times and she did not disappoint.  She was in the ribbons at every show, including the AAs (here in Virginia, this is the toughest division at the horse show) and she even won a class.  Cannot wait to start her off again in January after a few months off due to a small injury - we have our first show in four weeks and there is a lot of rust.  She's my own Monomoy Girl.   

3) France
We traveled to France in November and our trip exceeded every expectation.  Paris was, well, Paris - what more can you say?  But it was the smaller medieval towns that I loved seeing and then there is Normandy!  We have already booked another trip for 2019.  The travel bug has come back after a long hiatus.  This is Malmaison, home of Josephine Bonaparte, just outside Paris. What's not to love about France?

4) The New Arrival
I have not said much about Apollo but we have new arrival coming in early 2019.  He is a small colt and he is so darn adorable.

5) Stitch Until You Drop
I made a lot of progress stitching and sent four items to the finisher in the past few weeks.  My goal is to add to my garland of needlepoint ornaments for 2019 (and find a better garland). I stitched three rabbits for Easter, one ornament (so far) and this is my next project.  This is much larger than it looks but isn't it cute?

6) Cabin Fever
We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time at the cabin.  What a gift to have this small abode after working from home all day - it's only a few miles from the farm and it's like having a secret getaway.  We're planning a small party there after Christmas. 

7) Spring at Keeneland
We only made one trip to Keeneland this year (and the weather did not cooperate in any way for a change) but it was still a highlight.  We saw the stallions and the colts at Darley (a real treat) and had our usual fun.  We are booking the trip for spring this year and we'll see Chromie this time (California Chrome) so that will be fun. But we have fond memories from April 2018. That's Medaglia D'Oro, one of the more famous stallions at Darley.  He had an abcess.  Million dollar stallions also get them - good to know!

8) Farm Life
It's not for everyone and having horses at home is a lot of work - early mornings, late evenings in winter, mowing ad nauseum in spring, taking care of fence lines, frozen water pipes, and too much rain in 2018 but I wouldn't change a thing! And I never need to go to the gym!

Here's hoping that you too can look back on 2018 with fond memories.  Make more of them every day!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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