Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Search for the Elusive Winter Turtleneck

Finding good quality clothes in today's world is becoming increasingly difficult.  Whether Madison Avenue believes it or not, some of us do not want "fast fashion" but instead prefer well-made, quality clothes, in natural fibers, that will last more than one or two seasons.  And don't get me started on vanity sizing - I'll save that rant for another day.

Turtlenecks are my "go-to" gold standard in winter. I wear them with everything and love to own them in many colors. Ann Taylor, J Crew, Banana Republic and others all sold them in merino wool and cashmere in varying weights.  But now, finding this is like looking for the holy grail. They are no where to be found.  Check the fiber content on every piece today.  Finding all wool or cashmere is harder than it seems.

J Crew
My favorites were of course J Crew.  I have three primary weights - lightweight merino wool, heavier wool and cashmere.  My black one gets worn weekly.  J Crew no longer sells the lightweight wool ones other than at Factory (which I shy away from due to quality and fit).  They now make an everyday cashmere one that I am trying this week.   Their cashmere today is not like their cashmere of old and I still have a few of the old ones thank goodness. Here is their new everyday cashmere turtleneck in light blue.  The color is nice.  See it here.

They also make this one with side slits.  I don't like the fabric content though and I prefer mine to be more fitted. See this one here.

This one has received very good reviews and is almost sold out and it's pricey but this is the kind of clothing J Crew should be making all of the time - classic, well-made, great quality and style.  See it here.

I ordered this one two weeks ago but it has not arrived yet.  So the jury's still out on this one.  Stay tuned.

Banana Republic
I have not ordered any of these from BR but they do offer options.  Their older sweaters were great quality but I'm not so certain about the ones being sold today.

This is a wool/alpaca blend.  It also looks a bit oversized to me. See it here.


For the money this appears to be one of the better buys out there right now. This is a wool/cashmere blend.  Many sizes are sold out and the color selection is a bit limited.  See it here.

The washable merino wool turtleneck looks to be lightweight and some of the reviews state that you can see through this one, but again, likely a decent buy at the right price point for a lighter sweater.  The colors are pretty good too.  See this one here.

BR also makes a $198 cashmere turtleneck but it comes in only two colors.  I'd try Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor for their brand before I'd buy this one.  See it here.

Lord & Taylor
This is one of the best bargains I've seen yet.  If the quality of these is as good as the quality of the one I have (a gift about 10 years ago) then this is the real deal.  The colors are scrumptious too.  On sale now for $49.  See it here.

Brooks Brothers
This is the gold standard in my opinion for wool turtlenecks. I love the style, the fit, the wool.  Wish it came in more colors though.  See it here.

And then there is always the old stand-by, Pendleton.  It's not going to make a fashion statement, but for a tried-and-true brand and all wool, it's a safe bet.  See these here.

The shop for the elusive high quality turtleneck will continue.......  Happy December!

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