Sunday, December 30, 2018

Winter Clothes Shopping 2018

I've tried to be very picky with regard to what I buy these days as clothes have gotten more expensive and the quality has decreased.

Here's a sampling of my late (fall and winter) 2018 purchases, most made on sale.  I tend to shop at a few places where clothes don't run too large and most of my shopping is done online due to my rural location.

I bought this turtleneck in blue when it was on sale and love it!  It's cashmere but not of the quality of the old J Crew.  It's worth buying at 40 percent off but not at full price.

I also bought this one in green and in pink when both were heavily discounted.  Cashmere with small flecks which makes it more interesting.  I like my turtlenecks to be tight around the neck and this one does not disappoint.  The green has been sold out for a while.

These Smartwool socks are ultra thick and I wear them around the house.  They come in three colors and are divine!

These tartan wool pants had been on my radar for a long time and I finally nabbed them on sale in the right size.  The selection is picked over but if they pop back, I'd recommend them as finding wool pants lined, that fit, that's hard to do these days.

I bought these a few months ago in black velvet.  I ordered the gold ones but sent them back as they were too gold. But the black ones I have worn a lot.  They are comfortable and versatile.  Hoping that J Crew makes these in spring colors too!

I bought these silk pants for next to nothing and love the print.  They are pull on and go well with the blue sweater.  I have not work them yet but will soon, maybe this evening. Worth a shot for $30 or so.  I will wear with gray Belgian Loafers. 

I also bought two Liberty blouses. I've worn these through the years and have always been a fan so I pick these up for long-term wear.  They are marked down considerably right now - so nab a few if you need them.  The other one has sold out.

I bought this black dress to take to France and it's a wardrobe staple.  The fabric is thick and it can be worn most of the year.

This poncho caught my eye when Christmas shopping and I love it!  It's very warm too and it's on sale. It comes in three colors.

This is one of those rare years when I have not added a coat to my bulging collection.  I bought a coat at J Crew but sent it back.  There's one at Brooks Brothers and one at Tory Burch that I am stalking but only if the price is right.

Ariat always lands under my Christmas tree as I wear this stuff every day.  Here are some of the ones that I added to my collection this year.

This sweater is great for riding or wearing around town over a white collared blouse. I wear it with an older hunt scene vest.

I love this shirt for winter and have worn it a few times since Christmas.  It comes in two colors.

This half-zip added to my collection for riding.  I will wear it with the puffer vest below.

This puffer vest is a great weight - heavy enough to wear alone but not so heavy that you can layer it.  Love the color too!

We don't get too dressed up these days in the country but I like to think that my wardrobe remains "classic" even in today's fast-fashion world.  Buy good quality basics that will last more than one season.  Hope your closet was full in 2018!

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