Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Gifted Fashionista

Most of us have been at the fashionista stage at some point in our life.  Whether you still fit the bill or not, it's fun to shop for the fashionista nonetheless. Here are the Horse Country Chic picks.....

1) Blue Coat from J McLaughlin
This lightweight coat will pair well with jeans, white pants, blue pants.  It's classic, stylish, and it's on sale. Screams lightweight Chanel to me.  Your fashionista will love it!

2) Vintage Jewelry
Your fashionista will know how to style this vintage art deco monogrammed brooch.  See it here.

Or this vintage necklace.  See it here.

3) High Heels Stationary
Your fashionista will love these note cards to write all of her Christmas thank you notes.  See them here.

4) Tory Burch Cosmetic Case
Your fashionista will adore this cosmetic case - to hold all those lipsticks. See it here.

5) Dior Book
What fashionista won't love this coffee table book?  See it here.

6) Givenchy for the Nails
No fashionista can resist red nails from Givenchy.  Buy it here.

7) Sex and the City -Complete Set
No need to explain why this will make a great gift.  See it here.

8) Sensored Make-Up Mirror
Your fashionista will love this make-up mirror.  See it here.

9) Handbag with Bamboo Handle 
Zara offers this well-priced bag that will go with everything this winter.  You can never own too many handbags as any good fashionista knows.  See it here.

10) Needlepoint Sleep Mask
Make your fashionista her own needlepoint sleep mask.  See it here.

Happy Tuesday!  Christmas is coming!

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