Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Winter Boot Search

You wouldn't think it'd be difficult to find a warm winter boot that is comfortable, good in cold weather, but nice enough to wear around town?  My feet stay cold in winter and I wanted something not for the barn but to wear to dinner with jeans, shopping, on cold winter days.  Linings, comfort, quality to last more than one or two seasons are key. I have to go with lace up boots (or they won't stay on my narrow feet) and I had to eliminate LL Bean anything because they are always too wide. 

These Kate Spade boots caught my eye. They come in black and gray but the gray ones are much prettier. 

These Sorel boots also caught my eye and they also appear to be warm. They also come in several colors. 

I also like these Sorel boots but I can't decide if they are so ugly that they are cute.  They are almost sold out though. I like the fact that they are lighter weight - felt and suede - so they may be more comfortable. See them here.

I tried these Merrill boots and really wanted them to work for me but they are just too wide (a constant problem).  They come in three colors and checked off the warm box for sure.  See them here.

These Columbia Maragol boots are cute but may look a bit more like a snow boot than I want. They come in several colors and have received good reviews.  See them here.

These Sorel boots are standard fare for winter boots but functional and reasonable. See them here.

I love these fur-lined boots but they are a bit pricey.  See them here.

And if you are a blue person then you'll also love these.  See them here.

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