Sunday, October 20, 2019

Apollo Update

My baby is getting big.  I have not blogged much about Apollo since he arrived in mid-January.  Having a baby on the farm has been a new experience and he settled in nicely with the herd and the others like him.  He likes to be groomed by all the others except April. 

Apollo is 15 months old now and when I measured him three months ago he was just under 14 hands.  I predict he'll be around 16 hands when all is said and done so by warmblood standards he's not going to be a big horse.   This is my most recent photo from a month ago.  He has a pony mane and I pulled it once (which he does not mind) but it's ready for another pull.

He has a big personality.  He is very social and likes to visit with all the horses.  He loves Sega the most.  But Alfie will eventually be his partner in crime - that I am sure of.

He is going through the "terrible twos" right now (I won't go into the details) so he is headed to camp next week for a few weeks where some of the girls can handle him.  It will be good to get him off the farm for his own development and in the new year I plan to start taking him to shows with Madison every now and then just to see the sights.

He's very smart.  Very cute mover, has a very nice trot with some suspension but not too much (which is what you want in the hunter world).  He will be gray but not sure whether he will be a roan gray or a dappled gray.  No sign of dapples yet but there's lots of time for that.  He is getting dark again and I suspect he will be almost black again this winter.  He was totally black when he arrived in January. And he has a brand new blanket thanks to the Dover Tent Sale this summer.  It will look so adorable on him and we'll share photos once it goes on.  

This is one of my early photos of him.  He was so darn cute when he arrived. But he is still really cute.  I call him "My Royal Cuteness" and he seems to love that.  I don''t think he will ever lose his cuteness.  It oozes out of him. 

He's grown up a lot since he arrived in January. He was terrified that day but he has settled into Virginia life well.  Can't wait to see him grow up.  Stay tuned......


  1. So cute! How exciting to have the next generation grow up on you farm.

  2. Apollo! I'm glad to see he made another appearance on your blog. You may have mentioned it on another "Apollo-centric" post, but who is he by? Cunningham, by chance?

    1. Mark his dam is a G line Hanoverian and his sire is Balt Amour, a lesser known hunter stallion who stands at Marabet Farm in FL. I bought him because I liked his dam's line a lot and I wanted a full WB (no TB) and he is small. That was a hard combination to find. Another stallion that I am in love with is Sir Gregory.


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