Monday, October 14, 2019

Do Horse Therapy Products Really Work?

There is so much stuff out there now for horses, that it's hard to know what stuff really works. The big show barns have all the bells and whistles - Theraplate, Magnawave, Sports Innovation Blankets like the one below. But these things are really expensive so the average horse owner is likely not going to have access to these.  When I showed the circuit in a big way my trainer had a foot pad that Sega lived on (she has flat feet) and I do think it helped her to stay sound.  Alfie loves Theraplate and Madison had access to a Magnawave last spring thanks to my old trainer.  And it helped her. 

The Back on Track therapy works IMHO for some horses.  Alfie lives in their wraps at horse shows and instead of being poulticed after a hard workout (which does not work for him) he goes into his BOT wraps and they work like a charm.  I have one of these blankets too but I don't use it much and am not sure how effective it is.  You just have to try these out to what works for your horse.  Borrow a blanket from someone for a few days.  Try the wraps out (they are not terribly expensive).

I have been wanting to try out this blanket for quite a while as I think it might be a good alternative for Madison who is somewhat of a diva and likes to be "worked on."  These are expensive but not out of the galaxy and I have heard good things about them. The reviews seem to be better for the more advanced model.  It may be worth a try.

The cold therapy is tried and true (ask any elite tennis player) and you can use Ice Vibe boots for this purpose or just a bucket and some ice will also work wonders.

But no one therapy will work for every horse. Like people, we are all different and you have to figure out what fits your issues.  Horses are the same way. 

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