Monday, October 28, 2019

More Drunk Elephant

I blogged about this cute new brand a few months ago and I wanted to report back as I have been using more of their products since my initial report in June.

I bought this earlier in the summer and have been using this ever since, on days when I am out in the sun.  Very soft, not greasy, acts like a moisturizer too. 

This is by far my favorite product and I use this once a week and look forward to it.  It works wonders for my face and it tingles just the right amount when I use this.  You look like you've spent $200 on a facial.  Would highly recommend this.  You won't be disappointed.  It did not win all those awards for nothing.

Top off the Babyfacial with this oil.  I am not an oil person at all but I like this one but only use it after the facial.

I have been using the eye cream since early summer and highly recommend it.  It is light, not greasy or oily.  I have not tried the eye serum but it's on my wish list. 

I have been using this moisturizer during the day for about a month and really like it.  It is not heavy and likely too light for the dead of winter when I'll want something heavier. 

This is the one product I probably would not recommend.  I have a sample that I have used but I am not sure what it does.  It bronzes the face a bit (which I don't really like) and other than that, I don't know what it really does.  Save your money for the other stuff.


I highly recommend this brand.  And let me add that I am not getting paid or given free stuff for this posting, this is truly my opinion.  You can shop the brand here and there are some good offers for free samples with purchases right now.  Sephora also sells the line - a good spot to try it on for size when you're in the store.  Hope you try this! 

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