Sunday, October 13, 2019

Wide Load

While I really like the look of wide legged pants, I was not sure that I could pull it off.  Not being tall or particularly long-legged, this is a look only a Ralph Lauren fashion model could wear well.  Or that's what I thought.  So I ventured out to try on a pair or two to see if this look could work.

My goal was to try these pants on but they did not have them at my local store:

I love the look and the color. They would go with everything and I could wear them except in the dead of winter (unless we skip winter, which so far looks like a possibility here in Virginia).

The ones I loved however, were these, and I don't think they look particularly good on this model.  These pants are the most comfortable pants that I have tried in a very long time.  I opted for the cropped but because I am short they hit my ankles, a perfect length. If you are tall you might opt for a longer version unless you want them cropped.  I liked these because they are wide but not too wide.  Size down too, I went down one size for a perfect fit.

I'll wear these with a black turtleneck, Gucci loafers or even tennis shoes.  Cannot wait to wear these.

I picked out a few more styles that I liked, wide but not wide, to add to your fall wardrobe.  We all need to learn to live on the wide side.  And these styles are very forgiving!  Love these cords!

And I love these from Ann Taylor:

And I love these faux suede pants also from Ann Taylor:

These are a bit summery but if you are wintering in a warm climate add these to your wardrobe.  Love them too!

Try the wide look.  You might really be surprised.  I was!  Enjoy your Sunday!

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