Thursday, October 31, 2019

My Thanksgiving Secret - Greenberg Smokey Turkeys

About ten years ago someone told me about Greenberg Turkey, a company based in Texas, that sells smoked turkey.   I believe that Oprah is a big a fan and ever since, almost every year, I have ordered one for Thanksgiving.  If you don't want to pass up the work of doing your own turkey for Thanksgiving then consider ordering one for Christmas.  You will not be disappointed.

They are the easiest to work with, you place your order, tell them what day you want it to arrive (and mine has never not arrived on the exact day), wait for the UPS man to deliver it to your doorstep and you are ready for dinner.  It comes in a large box, wrapped in foil.  You don't have to do anything but warm it up.

You can order one as small as six pounds and as large as 13 pounds.  I have ordered the smaller ones and they have a chart that tells you how many people each size should feed.  These are the very best turkeys and your guests will thank you.  Learn more about this great brand here.  Gobble gobble!

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