Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fun Cheeky Needlepoint

It's time to fill the stash for the coming cold and I am adding some cheeky needlepoint to my stash this year.  Never heard of it?  What is it?  Well, thanks to super stitcher, Jessica Chaney of Lycette (the most fabulous needlepoint store I not visited yet in Palm Beach), cheeky is back in.  But maybe it never went out? 

Fun, cheeky sayings stitched into perpetuity on a pillow or door hanging makes for great dinner table conversation among other things.  Some famous stitchers who partook in this -  C.Z. Guest and Bunny Mellon. Below is C.Z. Guest’s collection of cheeky needlepoint, purchased by the gents of Madcap Cottage.

Happy Thursday.  Stitch a spell.

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