Saturday, December 14, 2019

Books for The Crown and Downton Abbey Set

If you love watching "The Crown" or "Downton Abbey" or love Instagram photos of JFK, Jr. and Carolyn, then you'll love these books ideas for giving or for adding to your own stash.  My stack beside my beds grows bigger every week and a New Year's Resolution - read more of my book stash.

If you made your debut or you have friends who did or just just wonder what the whole thing is about then this would be a fun read.

Like everyone else, I am intrigued by Princess Margaret after watching "The Crown" so this book would also be a good read.

This one is definitely going to the stash.  Like Hermes, Cartier is an illusive brand and I am dying to know more.

Want to know what it's like to be a lady in waiting?  Read this one and you'll find out.

Everyone likes a riches-to-rags tale especially when it involves British upper crust.  Scandal, intrigue, broken hearts -it's all her in this true story.  

While we don't have a Downton Abbey in the US, The Plaza may be the next best thing, in its heyday.  

Another book for those who are more interested in this side of the pond. We did have aristocracy in the US, of sorts, at one time.......

This is the story of the family that owned the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC, America's largest home.  If you have not been there it is worth a trip. Here's the dirty laundry.....

And lastly, we have to include Babe Paley, she was American royalty in her day.....

Happy reading!

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