Friday, December 27, 2019

Needlepoint Sales - Fill Your Stash

There are some good sales (but very short-lived) on needlepoint canvases so this is a great time to fill your stash for 2020 (as if mine needs filling, LOL). But here are some of my picks.  Right now at, in-stock canvases are 25 percent off.

I've had my eye on this one for a while.  It would make a great pillow.

Love this sampler:


If you have never stitched a Herend Bunny this one would be fun to work on. Love the colors!

I've been wanting to stitch both the male and female version of this Staffordshire.

Love this ornament:

Another very cute ornament:

I'd love to stitch a Christmas Wreath:

Love this too. Would make this into a large pillow:


Another great ornament:

This would be great on a pillow, a handbag, or as an ornament:

A Funda Scully Box is on my "to do" list and I love this one:


Love this Keeneland sampler:

Happy Stitching in 2020!

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