Monday, December 9, 2019

Gift Ideas - The Best Books for the Nonreader

I realize that a huge percentage of Americans don't read anymore (a sad state of affairs for another day). But as a reader and a book lover (we read our books the old fashioned way, still), here are some book ideas for the non-readers or for those who do love books.

This is a fun book to own although I don't have it (but would love it as I love to cook and am a Downton fan).  Who wouldn't love to see this under their tree?

Add this one to the Downton Cookbook for a win and place!

This is a fun book for the fashionista in your world.  The French women do look better than the rest of us and here are some of their very simple secrets.

I first discovered this book at the Caspari store and fell in love with it.  I had not seen it before and it will be a big hit for anyone who loves to decorate.

I have blogged about this fabulous book before and it's in my own library.  Any horse lover will adore this book.  I am buying a few copies to give to some of my horsey friends.

If you love country life and have a friend on your list who also loves the lifestyle then this book will be a big hit.

I love this book and if you love anything about an Hermes scarf then you'll also want to add this one to the collection.  If your loved one wants a scarf and it's outside your budget then this is the very next best thing.

If you have someone on your list who adores Herend then this is the perfect book to give. 

This is one of my favorite design books and I love the winter house in this one.  Anyone who loves decorating will also be happy to find this under the tree.

Another really fun book to give and I'd love to add this one to my own collection (and it just came out). 

Happy gift giving.  We need to give more books!

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