Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dressing for New Year's Eve

You'd better hurry if you have not selected your outfit for New Year's Eve.  If you are planning for a big party or even a nice quiet dinner at home, you can still dress up.  Here are some ideas.

Love this look from Tory Burch and the long sleeves suit me better this time of year.  This is classic enough to wear years from now.

Or you could pair this lovely sweater with the satin pants above or with a pair of wool pants for more warmth.  This would be great for a casual evening at home.

If you have a more festive event to attend then this sequin dress would be perfect.  Wear it with tights.

Love this look from J Crew.  This white Thomas Mason shirt (which you can wear for years) with this sequin skirt.

I also love this look from J Crew, another sequin skirt with a turtleneck.  

You can't go wrong with cigarette pants.  Love these but I'd pair them with a black turtleneck and black flats or mules with a small heel.

I have a pair of these in navy blue which I can wear with my Manola Blahnik blue mules and a black turtleneck for a great look.

Pair with these in navy blue with black bows:

A LBD from Zara also hits the mark, very cheaply too:


And I love this H & M satin skirt that I'd pair with black or even shocking pink, navy blue, turquoise.  And for the price if you only wear it once.....

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