Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Few Spring Picks and The Hoard

We're not on lock down like last spring but it's still not life as we once knew it, at least not yet for me.  We are playing it safe, as friends in India suffer with new strains of the virus that appear to be resistant to current vaccines.  It could happen here too.  We ventured out late last week to a vineyard where we actually dined indoors for the first time since February 2020.  It felt strange to actually put nice clothes on.  

Here are some fun finds, things I am loving right now...

Love these jeans from Ann Taylor Loft.  I wanted a pair of wide jeans (but not too wide) and these fit the bill perfectly.  They are a bit heavy so they won't work in really warm weather but will be perfect for spring and fall.  They also come in solid colors - again, a bit heavy for hot weather, but the quality is good.

I am in love with Cedar Creek Stationary.  They make pads and note cards and what's not to love?

I am adding yet another Junior League Cook Book to my hoard.  A dirty little secret - buy your books online at Thrift Books.  Best source ever.  Cheap.  Reliable.  Save the planet.

So what else do I hoard besides Junior League Cook Books?

Imperial Hunt Scene glass from Cambridge.You can never have too much of this.  See these stunning glasses here.

Needlepoint canvases (this has already been well documented). I ordered this Bonnie Alexander canvas and had it customized.  It's not here yet, but will into my huge stash.

Tory Burch Sweaters.  The Kendra Cardigan is my favorite and the Madeline is a close second. Don't ask me how many I have.  These go with everything. 

Lilly skirts.  Vintage is the very best.  I like mine longer, 15 to 17 inches, cotton, lined, old prints.  The new ones do not cut it.  Buy them on Poshmark, usually for under $30.  I own this one, bought on Posh for less than $20.

And lastly my beloved Belgians.  You can buy them in New York at the Belgians Store on the Upper East Side or you can find them every now and then on Poshmark.  I bought three pairs on Posh, two new, one pair was almost new for about $100 each. Yes.  It is the bomb.

Enjoy your day. Make the most of it. Stay safe.

What's in your hoard?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Poshmark! I downloaded their app and was able to find several outfits for my daughter. Her sorority dictates colors and styles of dress to be worn each day during Rush and they are very specific. Some of the colors are not colors she would choose or wear again so finding cute designer dresses and outfits on Poshmark was a perfect solution. And I just purchased another Kendra jacket for myself! Love it!.


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