Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Sunday Edit - Green River Bags and Palissy Plates

Happy Easter. I had totally forgotten that it is Easter Sunday.  Cooking and celebrating this holiday is definitely not on my agenda today.  Hope you enjoy this day with friends and family, socially distancing of course.

1) Green River Bags - The Stitching Fox

We all love a good cause and a great bag adorned with needlepoint and recycled reins, right?  The Stitching Fox in Tryon, NC is offering these great bags, to benefit the Green River Foundation, which focuses on food insecurity and COVID-19 relief in our the Carolina foothills region. At the moment, they are in search of more leather reins that have retired from riding but could be repurposed for these beautiful bags. Reins of all styles (except rubber) may be dropped off or mailed to

Stitching Fox 
4066 Pea Ridge Road
Mill Spring, NC 28756
To learn more about our partnership with the @greenriverfoundation, visit and find Green River Bags in the Shop tab. 
Love these bags!  And for a good cause....

 2) Palissy Dinner Ware

I came across some unique hunt scene dinner ware on Etsy, Palissy Pottery, which I had never heard of before. So I discovered this.... 

This is the Woodland pattern referenced below, that did obviously become the Woodland pattern that Spode still sells. 

"Palissy Pottery was founded in 1946 in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent and made earthenwares. Prior to this the trade name was used by A. E Jones (Longton) Ltd who began in about 1905 and traded from Palissy Pottery from 1930.
and Royal Worcester merged to form a new company in July 1976 known as Royal Worcester Spode. In 1958 The Royal Worcester Porcelain Company had bought Palissy.
Palissy was closed in 1989 and the pottery was demolished in August of that year.

Aynsley China Ltd of Sutherland Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, unconnected with Spode and Worcester, bought the trade name of Palissy in August 1989.

Spode has very little archive concerning Palissy which comprises only about half a dozen catalogues.

One of the patterns popular produced by Palissy was Game Birds and a very similar pattern is produced by Spode called Woodland"

But look what else I found.... this is likely from the 1950's or that general time frame.  Looks mid-century modern to me.

These tankards are also on Etsy.

Another hunt scene dish:

Do not, however, confuse this brand with the French potter of the 16th century, the creator of Palissy ware.


I wonder if this pattern is the inspiration for the modern day Juliska pattern.....

Here is the Juliska pattern.....

Here is the hunting scene pattern that caught my attention and lead me to do this research:


Here is a photo of the factory:


More mid-century modern from Palissy:

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