Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ways to Remember Your Beloved Horse

For the past month I have been thinking of ways to remember my black boy, Alfie, so that his memory lives on for many years to come.  And when I lose Sega some of these same memories will need to be preserved for her.

Alfie won a lot of tricolors in his career so a shadow box may be in order with some of his most treasured ones, with a photo, his halter, and perhaps one of his shoes (I have them when we pulled his shoes in early January).

I ordered a nice leather photo album from Horse Country and will fill it with his photos.  Sega already has one but the funny thing is that all of my photos of Alfie are digital.  So I'll send his photos to Shutterfly and have them made into real ones that I can put into his album.  When I am really old I'll enjoy having them all in one place.

When I am up to it, I'm sending his tail hair to be made into a bracelet.  There are many stores on Etsy that do this.

A few years ago, Alfie won the Hunter Classic at our year-end local circuit horse show.   It was a big win for him and he beat some nice horses that day.  I did not show him, my friend Blair rode him to the win, but it was a memorable event. I want to honor Alfie for his prowess in the show ring and am considering donating an "After Eight Trophy" in his name to the top Amateur in this class every year.  It would be a nice way to remember him.  Sega already has a donated trophy so Alfie needs one.

It's important to have your memories. I am very lucky to have so many good ones with him.  Please go hug your loved ones today, especially the furry ones.  Stay safe, there is still a lot of sickness and grief in our world today and I am praying for my friends in India where the pandemic is raging. 

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  1. These are all lovely ways to remember an old friend. When I retired my special hunter and pulled his shoes (short lived experiment, but that's another story) I saved a nail and had it plated in gold with a tiny hole drilled through the end. It lives on my charm bracelet and is my most treasured charm now that he is gone.


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