Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Watch Dilemma

I'm not a watch person.  These days many people don't wear watches but as someone who is not tethered to their phone 24/7 (and thus, who won't suffer from acute "phone neck" later in life - not kidding), wearing a watch is like putting on my undergarments - it's a must every day.  My classic watch is an old Tag that was purchased in Hong Kong a very long time ago (I won't give you a date) and the old guy is still going but is getting creaky in old age. Mine looks a little like this but honestly, mine is in better condition.  But this is a love match and I'll always have this one.

So I bought a Fitbit to track my steps and I loved it until it died a year later.  From others I have spoken with this watch is designed to last only a year. 

So I bought the Garmin version but it lasted less than a year but too long to return it. 

The Apple Watch is under consideration but they are so large on my tiny arms and I really don't need all that stuff on my arm.  I'd rather not know who trying to sell me something via email 25 times a day.  And I have decided that I don't need to track my steps as I almost always reach 10,000 steps a day.  My record is 34,000.  

So what's a woman to do?  I bought this Timex from Amazon and I'm going to start hoarding Timex watches.  These babies are $35 each (or less).  I can have one for every day of the week and my hunch is a year from now they'll still be ticking....


  1. This post made me laugh! I’m a long-time reader. I’m not a rider; I just love your aesthetic. I’ve had a variety of watches over the years. I wore a Movado for years that I loved and still do for dressy occasions- rare though they are. My husband gave me an Apple Watch for Christmas several years ago and I haven’t looked back. I’m on the small side, too, so I got the smaller model and a mesh band that I can cinch up to fit my wrist. I don’t get emails on mine (you get only 25 pitches a day?) but I can get texts and phone calls and it’s saved me many times. The reason I laughed is that my husband’s favorite watch is a $50 Timex “because it glows in the dark!”


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