Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Etsy Finds

Perusing Etsy is so much fun especially when you uncover some great finds.  Here are some fun Etsy finds......

Love this needlepoint rug made by someone else, lovingly in 1978.  Wonder what the story is behind the labor of love here?  

I've had my eye on this rug for a while but am not sure where I'd put it. I've ordered from this vendor in Belgium. 

Love this stationary.  This shop has great stuff and I'd love to order multiple sets from here.  See this one here.  I keep a nice stash of stationary for snail mail, a mixture of Crane engraved, Caspari note cards, and some Etsy finds.

Love these vintage sconces that would look great in a garden room, a patio or deck. Paint them to add some color but then sand to make them look old.

This is a Birds of a Feather canvas and it looks like a small part has been stitched but just take that out.  Great deal on a very cute canvas.

Love this vintage wood tray by Wedgewood.

Love this vintage cache pot!

I have a set of 12 of these dishes that I have collected over the years. They are smaller than regular dinner plates and I use mine for serving lunch, or for dessert.  You can add to your collection over time. Just a fun set to own.

Love these vintage plates too.

Love this vintage bracelet - a perfect mother's day gift?

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