Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby April Update

Well, it's going to be a very long spring here on the farm.  Baby April had an MRI this week and while I was still hoping that her original diagnosis of an abcess would hold, well, it didn't.  She has what is called a collateral ligament injury which is kinda like when a skier injures the liagaments on both sides of the knee but this injury is in the foot.  The good news is that it is a mild strain. The bad news is that the recovery period is long and arduous and if you don't follow the protocol, it will reoccur.  She should fully recover but she will be out regular work probably until the fall. 

She has to be in her stall for at least 60 days, followed by small periods of increased space, read small outdoor stalls, slowly enlarged until we get her back to normal.  And I also have to worry about her weight since she is a big girl who loves her food but lives on air. 

This whole scenario will probably go on for four months, maybe longer.  Time and patience are the only things that heal these.  So, in about four or five weeks if I am pulling my eyes out you'll know why.

I was grateful to get to the bottom of this as these symptoms started last summer. This is an old injury that has festered.  Thank goodness for technology and major medical.

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