Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gaga Over Oomph

Many bloggers have cited the adorable tables and occassional pieces at Oomph.  Three women in CT  (who really seem to have fun with this company) started it not that long ago.  I ordered one of their small tables in 2011.  They have a niche, really nice handmade pieces, customized in colors with texture on top or not.  No more ugly brown wood furniture (just paint it and gloss over it)!   Look how updated this is.  (All photos are from their web site). 

The bright colors and shiny surfaces modernize any room. Add a few of their pieces to your old stuff and the room looks updated.

Their mirrors are great, but a bit pricey.  Love that orange and hot pink. They also offer pillows and candles on their web site.

These small "tiny tables" are great accent pieces to put beside your favorite chair.  I put mine in my study.

I love all the colors in this room.  How fresh and bright is this?

Give your room a little uplift with Oomph!  

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  1. I really enjoy all your blogs. I have ordered needlepoint from Needlepoint.com since you had the projects up after Christmas, CookiesbyBecky is now bookmarked. I also have a cool coat for my Agility dog too! How is your horse doing? Is the foot better now?


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