Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Georgina Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg's daugher, Georgina, is the real thing when it comes to horses.  And she must have an incredible publicist.  There have been articles in the past two weeks in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about her. 

Not only can she ride really well, but she appears to be well-rounded, down to earth and has made a concious effort to give back through a charity she started, The Riders' Closet.  She also penned two books recently, with a collaborator, that appeal to the teen market, about riding the "A Circuit" in the hunter-jumper world.

(Getty Images)

Here is her newest book:

The recent article about her in the New York Times demonstrates also that she is a frugal shopper who buys a lot of her clothes at Target.  Who knew?

And this article in the Wall Street Journal paints a portrait of her life in Wellington, Fl where she lives part of the year with a menagerie of animals and her boyfriend.   How refreshing is it to see the portrait of a rising young star who also appears to be well-grounded with a great work ethic?  Guess, that must be part of the Bloomberg DNA. 


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  2. I've met her a couple times. I'm not a hunter-jumper but I sure do enjoy watching the talent and she seems to be very a very nice person to boot.


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