Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lake Louise, Part One

We just returned from a wonderful 8-day trek to Alberta, to a place where there is snow and cold and ski, equates to all the winter sports that are impossible to do in the US at the moment (perhaps due to global warming after all).  It was very cold (down to -25 C) but the conditions were great and since we have no snow in the East, it was just great to see all that white stuff (and they said it had been a light season). 

We stayed at the Chateau Lake Louise, our third visit there in winter and it just does not get any better.   It is a lovely place, great service, great food, great atmosphere, great views, and everyone who is there has a great appreciation for the outdoors, the animals and nature.  This is a picture of our hotel.

This was the view outside our room which looks pretty nice but this is not "the view" that you pay for when you go to the Chateau.

This is the view, which is somewhat obstructed by all the snow. But this glacier fed lake is stunning.  In winter you can skate on it.  There was a hockey tournament on the lake while we were there. 

In late January there is an ice sculpture contest (people come from around the world) and the sculptures stay there until spring.  You can see a few of them in this photo.

They even have an "ice bar."

The village of Lake Louise is very very small, so once you arrive at the Chateau, you stay there or you go up to the ski hill which is about 10 minutes.  You can just see the outline of the front of the mountain behind the hotel from a distance in this photo.  This picture was taken from the Lake.  When you are on the mountain you can look down and see the Chateau. It looks like a tiny dot on the map. The hotel is quite large, although you can't tell much from this photo.

Cross country skiing is very popular here.  The Calgary Winter Olympics held the cross country skiing in Canmore which is about an hour away.  Lake Louise is a very well known ski venue.  World Cup races are held annually here.  I skied the Women's Downhill!

You can take sleigh rides around the lake but we opted not to, with our horses at home, well, it just would not have been right.  Wonder what kind of shoes they use so that the horses can pull the sleighs in all this ice and snow?

Have more to share with you!  Stay tuned for more from Lake Louise!  

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