Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fox Needlepoint Rug

Maybe this will inspire some wannabe needlepointers out there.  This is my first completed rug!  I have another one that I have completed but have not sent to the "finisher".  I made this for my guest bathroom which is very small .  This is done mostly in wool.  It finishes the room.

Here are few more photos of the room:

These are the small touches that "make" a room.  I wanted this room to look old even though everything in it is new.  The tile is marble, but looks like it came from the 1930's.  The wood paneling is new but I had it painted and then antiqued to look old.  It was a vibrant green before the stain went on.  The top is marble.  There is a shower in the room, also done in white marble.  What do you think? Have I inspired anyone to stitch? 

1 comment:

  1. you have inspired me to give it a go! where did you find the pattern, and how long did this project take?


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