Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pytchley and Rust

There has been recent Internet chatter about riding and showing in rust colored breeches and brown field boots.  Back in the 70's, it was not uncommon to see both.  In fact, you always saw rust in the show ring back then along with the velvet-collared Pytchley show coats.

I happen to like rust breeches but they don't look good on some horses, read chestnut.  But they look great on darker horses.  So when I show both my black horse and my chestnut one at the same show on the same day, well, it just does not work.

But I think I am getting a bit "off message" here.  The question is, are these trends coming back or is this just another attempt at being nostalgic for those of us with enough wisdom (read years of being out there) to relive our riding youth?

I personally like the brown field boots but probably would not show in them today.  You do see them in the hunt field, especially during "cubbing" season, they look grand with tweed.  They also work as a simple riding boot and they don't show mud as easily as black. Here are some off the shelf ones that I found on Amazon. Ebay also has used ones.  They seem to be much more popular in the UK, probably for hunting.  You can also have them made.

Another item worth mentioned are the lovely Pytchley wool coats with the velvet colors and sometimes gold buttons. I never had one as a child but it was on my "want" list forever.  I recall seeing all those fancy pony riders out there who had them in navy and also dark green.  I have not seen one of these in the ring in a very long time though. You can find them vintage though.  Here is one on Ebay in the UK.  It is not exactly what I am referring to but it is close.  This is Pytchley, has the velvet collar and the buttons with the horses on them (very Pytchley) but not the real shiny gold ones.

Here is another one, but no gold buttons:

Sometimes you see some old photos of pony riders with their Pytchley coats, brown hard hats and paddock boots (it was not common to see the pony riders in tall dress boots).    Here is an old photo showing the rust breeches in action. Looks pretty good doesn't it?

If you wait long enough fashion does come back around. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the velvet-collared Pytchleys.  


  1. Perhaps I'm unlike many modern riders but I think the attires of the 60's and 70's are really lovely. I would love to see more variety in breeches and coats beyond the requisite tan and navy. I appreciate watching hunters who venture out in good traditional form with their jackets especially. I think riders should remember the roots of the sport, that there is no "uniform" for true hunting as far as colors and your tweeds and breechs were a form of expressing yourself!

  2. I love it elegant and smart looking!

  3. I have been waiting years for rust to come back into style and I am so pleased to see it making a comeback! I was so pleased to see many people wearing rust breeches and cordovan field boots at the TB shows in Lexington, VA this year. I actually bought a brown plaid jacket 2 years ago in hopes that I would be able to wear it with rust breeches soon.


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