Monday, March 5, 2012

Lake Louise, Part Two

More on our stay at Lake Louise, the Chateau that is.  This is the view from our room!  We were in the newer part of the hotel. 

Probably my favorite place to sit and have cocktails in the entire world, with a view, is in the lounge at the hotel.  The view just never gets old.  After a hard day of skiing, we would come here before dinner. 

You can buy posters from the old railroad advertisements (these grand old hotels were built by the railroads).  We have this one which is my favorite, of course, with the equestrian in the picture.  This is quite nice in person. 

You could take this lounge out of an old Betty Davis movie, an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, or a fashion magazine shoot.

The inside of the hotel is splendid.  Great old chandaliers, wainscoating, etc.  But it never competes with the real star, the outdoors.  And there is always a view, from almost every venue.  The real star here are the Canadian rockies and nature. The hotel sits in the middle of a national park.  No condos here.

Here is another old railroad poster:

Stay tuned.  More to come!

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  1. Quelle conne! .. please don't phone me in the next times! (vraiment malade!! avec les chateaux de la merde!!)


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