Monday, June 25, 2012

Alessandro Albanese Equestrian Clothing

Initially specializing in custom made jackets and shirts, Alessandro Albanese began producing fine quality equestrian clothing twelve years ago. Now with an extensive range of prêt-a-porter items, his focus remains on the superior quality and style of the personally tailored garment. Alessandro Albanese is known throughout Europe for its superior collections, all of which are ‘Made in Italy’.

Alessandro Albanese produces all garments in the tradition of classic Italian Couture, using luxurious natural fabrics and pays particular attention to the choice of materials according to each individual request. Skilled workmanship, fine hand stitching and perfect button holes make all the creations a work of art. 
I love the Technoready coats.  No more wool riding coats.  Ever!

The Italian influence is load and clear!  Lovely!

Allesandro and Reed Kessler.  The company sponsors Reed. 

These look a little Hermes-like to me!

He could also model if the clothes business slows down a bit.  Happy Monday!



  1. Very attractive.

    But I can't imagine why you don't like wool riding coats. There are wools that are so light and thin you'd think you were touching silk, and they're never hot like artificial fabrics.

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