Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Prep

Summer is my favorite time of year and I love that you can wear all those preppy clothes that you have owned since high school.  Indeed, Lilly is back. Even J Crew is back on top.  I can remember seeing people wear these coats to cocktail parties back in the late 70's, really.

But it is nice to see another generation of pink and green which means that at some point, they will pass the love of Lilly and other things dear to Prepdom down to their own children.

Remember the gold initial pins we used to wear?  I still have mine (and I think they are coming back).  Look this great idea, making your own initial wreath with Lilly accents!

Also loving the updated prep look:

Another wreath!

This is so Kate Spade looking.

You can transform your house into a kingdom fit for Prepdom. Even Lilly has gotten in on that act.  You don't have to relo to Palm Beach to have preppy interiors anymore.


Preppy even translates today into candy!

Accessories for the home and bar!

The Bosom Buddy Bags can be very prep.

And we always return to Lilly, that style icon that created the clothes that will always remind us of our youth!

(photos are from Pin Interest)

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