Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olympics Here We Come!

The U.S. Equestrian Olympic Teams have been named and surprisingly, some have already shipped to London.  No one knows how to do this better than Tim Dutta.  With passports in tow (FEI ones anyway), 10 horses (from the Three Day Squad) boarded a FedEx flight from Newark, NJ and took off.   July 27th (the start of the Games) will be here before we know it.  Grooms typically travel with these pampered pets just to make sure they have a restful flight. Some get their ears stuffed, while others don't mind the travel so much and just munch on hay. Carrots also work, but most of these veterans are also veteran travelers who have made the international flight more than once in their short careers.

And while we are talking about the Olympic Team, what could be more exciting than the new American Show Jumping Team.

(NBC Sports Photo)

This team is a mix of old and new, spanning 35 years.  Olympic veterans Beezie Madden and McLain Ward are joined by two newcomers, 17 year old Reed Kessler and Rich Fellers, both who just blew the competition out of the ring recently at Spruce Meadows.  Equestrian competitions are not divided by age or gender.  Everyone is on the same playing field.  Congratulations!

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