Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Sega One Last Time

Today was really tough.  My wonderful, once in a lifetime horse, Sega, is retiring.  I knew the time was coming but was hoping that I could get her through the rest of the year.  But that was not to be.  But as Sega has done her entire 12-year show career, she rose to the occasion, jumped a little higher and a little better (despite being very sore all over) and won one more tri-color and cooler at a AA show before calling it quits.  She always gave me 110 percent and always knew when it was a big deal.  There are too many memories - winning tricolors from Florida to Vermont.  This small Warmblood mare, purchased at age three, was indeed a gift.  I am very fortunate to have been a part of her life and I will never love a horse like I love her.  She told me today in no uncertain terms that it was time. I thank her for letting me go to the ring with her one last time.

In November 2011, when the picture above was taken, I thought to myself that this was her swan song.  I can't remember her jumping this well and this high.  She was kinda telling me that this might be it and she wanted to go out on top.  She was spot on taking home Grand Champion honors that weekend.  At the few shows we went to this year, she did not recover well, lacked the spring in her step she had last year.  I think mentally she wanted to compete but her body said no.

She will have the most wonderful life in retirement, I will make sure of that.  Lush green pastures, warm barns, lots of hay and carrots, hugs and kisses - so that I can repay her for all she has given me.  She rules the place now, think what it will be like in a few more years!  May we have as many years in retirement as we had in the show ring!


  1. Congratulations on a long and wonderful career with her. We all dream of the relationship the two of you have - to be able to live it through your posts is pretty cool ;). May she have a long and restful retirement. Cyber hugs to you both!

    1. I am lucky to have had such a wonderful career with my little caramel colored mare. So many never had what we had for so long. No amount of money could ever replace that....what a gift.


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