Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You're Gonna Love Tara Kiwi Shirts

Tara, of Tara Kiwi Equestrian Shirts, is 'an equestrian on hiatus' who moved to Los Angeles from "horse mecca" in southeastern Pennsylvania to pursue a career in fashion.  She worked in apparel production for 6 years while designing on the side, dabbling in different aesthetics but kept coming back to her country roots.  In addition an equestrian background she has always loved everything about the beach so she  started a contemporary equestrian inspired tee shirt line with a "west coast twist."  Tara Kiwi emphasizes the following qualities:

1.  Silky smooth 100% organic cotton material 
2.  Fresh designs, fun yet sophisticated!
3.  Modern Silhouettes
There is a note on the office wall at Tara Kiwi that says 'We like our t-shirts to be...Fun, classic, nostalgic, imaginative, fresh, unique and sophisticated!'.  The company strives to roll that into every shirt and so far, according to Tara, the response has been very enthusiastic. Customers have been wearing them to evening Grand Prix events, dinner parties, schooling lessons and just for fun!  If you live on the West Coast you might run into Tara Kiwi at a horse show.  Otherwise, you'll need to shop online.  Thank goodness the end result is the same!  

The white shirt below with "jumps" is one of my favorites:

Here are some of the other popular designs from the 2012 line:

Style: Mixed up Bits, Colorway: Charcoal, Silhouette: Scoop Tank
This tank has been extremely popular across the fashion and equestrian market!  

Style: Points of the Horse, Colorway: Volvic, Silhouette: Swoop Tee
The swoop tee is our 'go too' tee, the swoop neckline makes it flattering on ALL figures!  Points of the Horse is naturally an equestrian crowd pleaser! 

Style: Horseshoe Sleeves, Colorway: White, Silhouette: Urban Tee
Hands down our most popular style that was specifically designed to wear out!  Pair with skinnys, scarf and heels for an evening on the town!

To order or to see the rest of these fun designs, go to or just click on the Tara Kiwi advertisement on the right side of this blog.  Happy shopping. Hope to see you in your favorite Tara Kiwi shirt!


  1. Oh but why did they put the kimberwick upside down? But I like the rest of them!

  2. I've been asked that a couple of times!!

    The design takes up a lot of space (lengthwise) and the kimberwick looked awkward until I flipped it upside down. Although more flattering, I realized my technical error and quickly changed the style name to 'Mixed up Bits'! :)

    For 2013 I'm being careful to make sure all the equipment is right side up!


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