Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bit by Bit

Gucci loafers, Hermes scarves, anything Ralph Lauren does related to horses has a bit on it.  Funny how people who don't even like horses will wear a bit or use a bit as a decorative piece in their home.

Who does not love Gucci loafers?

Or anything Hermes, especially vintage?

Just add a bit to the socks and something plain becomes, well, something equestrian.

 Probably channeling Hermes here but it works!

And these bracelets are everywhere from C Wonder to whatever!

 This wine bottle tag is pretty cute, for the person who has everything and gives a lot of gifts.

 And I am simply loving this rug. To die for!

Ditto this monogram!

Vintage Gucci, of course!
 These are also cute:
 Found this on Etsy:
This would look good in all kinds of places:

More bits on linen.  I love cocktail napkins!

Look closely at the mirror.  

Vineyard Vines:

Another company channeling Hermes:

Love love love this.  Leontine Lines I believe:

 We used these in college.   Like the touch with the bits and the initial:

(all photos are from Pinterest)

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