Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grant Leier's Whimsical World of Art

We returned from our mini-ski vacation yesterday and wow, what a difference a 100 miles can make!  When we left yesterday it was snowing, wind was howling, visibility was about 30 feet and it was 23 degrees F.  At home it was sunny, upper forties, no wind and blue skies.  Skiing was good, lots of powder.  Good tune-up for our trip in about 2 more weeks.

To help get in the mood for this (above), I will leave you with some photos of an artist that we like, Canadian of course, lives now in British Columbia.  His art is very "Canada" and certainly the Alberta and British Columbia areas where animals and nature are part of the culture. You can find a link to more of his work here.

While I like Les Thomas better (you can see some of his work here), Leier's art has a different effect.  What do you think?

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