Friday, February 1, 2013


There are people that you encounter in life that change you and Woody did that for me.   He was one of those rare individuals who gave back more than he took, achieved more in his lifetime than most of us can dream about and his legacy will live on despite his untimely death. He made an imprint with an impact.  It was a very tough today for all who knew and loved him and after a long illness, he is no longer with us in body, but will endure in spirit.  The white doves that were released today as part of the celebration of Woody's life attest to that.  I was fortunate to be able to work for Woody over four great years, ones that I will never forget. 

It was refreshing to learn that DaVita, a company in which Woody served as a board member is sponsoring scholarships for African-American students in Woody's honor. The CEO spoke today at Woody's service, announcing that the company has committed $500,000 to scholarships in Woody's name.  The link is here.

Great role model, father, husband, boss, leader, and philanthropist.  Rest in peace.  We need more Woody's in this world.

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