Monday, February 11, 2013

The Other Springsteen Also Rocks

Yes, there is another famous Springsteen and her name is not Bruce.  Jessica Rae Springsteen is holding her own in the horse world.  She is the second daughter of Bruce and Patti Scialfa and attends Duke University in North Carolina.

( photo)

She is an accomplished rider who started riding at age 5 and did quite well in the junior hunter and equitation ranks before she aged out of those divisions.  Jessica actually won the medal finals at Harrisburg (one of the top accomplishments of junior riders).  She was born in 1991 and grew up in Colt's Neck, NJ.  The family also owns homes in Wellington, FL and  Los Angeles.

Jessica was part of the Young Riders' Tour in Europe last fall and trains with well-known equestrian Laura Kraut today.

Last year she bought Murka's Vindicat W, a gold-medal winning horse from the London Olympics and hopes to make the team at the 2016 Games in Brazil.  She made a go for the 2012 Team but was not successful.

(AP Photo)

 If she accomplishes in the jumpers what she did in the hunters as a junior rider, her name will be in lights for sure.  Having a rock star dad certainly helps but this lady clearly has some talent.  Nice to see a young lady who has goals, drive and ambition.  We'll likely see more of this equestrian in the years to come!


  1. Have seen her in Wellington the past few years I was there, and she is quite talented. Plus, that lovely bay you posted the 2nd picture of jumps with that much bascule and tight front end EVERY time - he's amazing.

  2. I have it on good authority that Jessica is a very nice girl who's pleasant to everyone and who also works VERY hard in her equestrian endeavors. Sure, if your parents are wealthy you're going to have some awesome horseflesh in the barn - but you still have to RIDE it. And ride she can! I wish her much success in the future.

    (Plus, I'm sort of required to root for her, being a Jersey Girl myself. I grew up twenty minutes away from where the Springsteens live.)

  3. I nominated you for a blogging award! Just go to my blog, and follow the directions.


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